• Janey Whitney

My Time on the Governor Ivey Campaign

January 2018 I began interning on Governor Kay Ivey’s campaign, which allowed me to see her campaign flourish from the start. From the beginning, Governor Ivey has pursued conservative principles such as protecting the Second Amendment, pushing a pro-life agenda, lowering taxes, and creating jobs. Kay Ivey wants Alabama working, and under her leadership Alabama has once again achieved the lowest employment rate in history of 3.8 percent. Her “Strong Start, Strong Finish,” plan on education hopes to focus on education from pre-k to postsecondary education. Being a teacher prior to holding elected office has given Governor Ivey first-hand experience with our education system. I have complete confidence her plan will help improve Alabama’s education system from beginning to end, and will help people get incorporated into the work force.

Working on Governor Ivey’s campaign, I had the opportunity to speak to her voting constituents across the state of Alabama and learn what matters most to them. Protecting the unborn and our Second Amendment rights were consistent responses from the majority of voters. Electing the first Republican female governor of Alabama seemed to be the right choice among the over 1 million people that voted for Governor Ivey, including myself. As a female college student interested in a career in politics, it is inspiring to see a woman like Governor Ivey leading Alabama. To quote Kay Ivey, “Alabama is a state where dreams do come true. Because in Alabama, anything is possible.”

Working on this campaign was the best choice I made, because it opened many doors for me and allowed for me to be a part of something greater than myself. From working on the beginning stages of the primary election to working at Governor Ivey’s inauguration, this year-long journey was well worth all the hard work. I highly encourage anyone to work on a campaign to help elect someone that they believe in, and to elect someone that will push policies they believe in. Under Governor Kay Ivey’s leadership, Alabama is headed in the right direction and I can’t wait to watch Alabama prosper under her leadership these next four years.

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